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A Long Time Gone

I first started this blog about five years ago and I had intended to write about my journeys as I travel to some very interesting locations mainly in Scotland but from time to time to other parts of Britain and farther afield where I can, but in particular to write about my time combining my travels with learning photography.

Sadly though, real life got in the way and this blog fell by the wayside and lay dormant, I have only just recently picked it up again and now that I have tidied up some of the posts from the past I aim to write here at least weekly if not more frequently.

I particularly enjoy photography and travelling but I also enjoy writing, I hope that I can bring you something a little different that will keep you interested, maybe even a little amused at times too.

Ruthven Barracks Kingussie Scotland 002e


Took a drive over to Edinburgh, I was really hoping to catch the Christmas lights and the lights of the fair on Princes Street Gardens, however, the weather which was awful put paid to that idea. All this means is that I will be returning to Edinburgh quite soon in order to shoot the city again but I am going to wait for a weather window where there is no rain. 

So in the meantime, you’ll have to forgive my lack of images from today’s photo shoot and enjoy the image below of Queen Mary’s Bath House which I took in September 2012 on my last visit to Scotlands capital city.Image